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    Kimberly Lake and Alexis Snow appointed as Special Agents in Montgomery


    In response to the growing criminal threat in Red County, the FBI continues to further bolster its presence in the area.  Today, the FBI announces that Special Agent Kimberly Lake and Special Agent Alexis Snow, have both been reassigned to the FBI's satellite office in Montgomery.

    Miss Lake joined the FBI as a special agent in 2017, assigned to the Chicago Field Office, where she investigated both street-level organized crime in addition to complex financial criminal schemes, two areas of expertise that will be vital to her new role.

    Miss Snow joined the FBI as a special agent in 2016 in the FBI's main Los Santos Field Office.  Her experience includes several years spent on the Joint Terrorism Task Force, a multi agency initiative led by the FBI and joined by the LSPD and Homeland Security.

    Supervisory Special Agent in charge of the Montgomery Resident Agency, Evelyn Mercer said:  "In Special Agents Kimbery Lake and Alexis Snow, the perpetrators of federal criminal acts in Red County have gained new, formidable adversaries."

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