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  • A man has been fatally shot by FBI Agents and local police during an attempted arrest in Palomino Creek in the early hours of Wednesday.  Lawrence Grano, 19, opened fire on agents and police officers as they arrived to arrest him at his Palomino residence and was killed when authorities returned fire.
    Mr. Grano, who was the subject of an undercover FBI investigation, was implicated in a criminal conspiracy to commit identity fraud, as well as manufacture false badges and identity cards.  He was targeted by investigators from the FBI's Montgomery office after an undercover agent was successful in infiltrating his criminal scheme.
    Several devices including a printer and laptop computer were retrieved and removed from the residence by agents.
  • Recent News

    News executive detained in raid on Palomino office
    Special Agents with the FBI last night detained Ashley Shaw, the network executive of SA News in Palomino Creek, as part of an investigation into violation of FAA regulations.  Harrison was taken into custody at the Palomino office complex without incident, interviewed at the FBI's satellite office in Montgomery and was released pending further investigation.  
    Miss Shaw is being investigated pursuant to a number of complaints about unlawful operation of a helicopter at unsafe and dangerous altitudes, in violation of 14 CFR § 91.159.
    The Federal Aviation Administration is assisting in the investigation, which remains ongoing.
    Missing child found in Montgomery dumpster, FBI seeking information
    The FBI is seeking information regarding a missing child who was found in a Montgomery dumpster at approximately 7 PM on June 28th.  We are keen to hear from anyone who noticed any unusual activity in the Montgomery area, or anyone who witnessed any persons entering or leaving the alleyway adjacent to the Montgomery trailer park in the hours beforehand.
    The FBI were alerted to the scene by local police, and are assisting in the investigation.  The identity of the victim is currently being withheld.
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    Combating terrorism is the FBI’s top priority. Working closely with a range of partners, we use our suite of investigative and intelligence capabilities to neutralize terrorist cells and…

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    Public corruption, the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority, poses a fundamental threat to our national security and…

    Even with its post-9/11 national security responsibilities, the FBI continues to play a key role in combating…

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    The FBI has conducted investigations in the Los Santos area since its founding as an organization in 1908. By the start of 1914, the Bureau had opened a permanent office...

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